Property Solutions

Come to the aid of clients with distressed real estate portfolios or a fractured lending facility with the expert help of Leonard Curtis Property Solutions (LCPS).

As experts in this area, the team at LCPS understand that many landlords fall into default through no fault of their own. Sometimes this can be due to changes in real estate values or increases in void rates. Landlords then try to solve the issue by selling properties or injecting cash to secure loan-to-value covenants. This can ultimately lead to facilities being reduced or withdrawn and properties having to be disposed of for less than they’re worth. In the worst case scenario, an entire portfolio can be lost if a Receiver is appointed and crystallises shortfalls and guarantees.

Working closely with you and your client, we will try to find a solution that can save a portfolio and repair the facility, using techniques including securing payment holidays or implementing capex programmes.

Property Solutions

If retaining the existing lender is not possible, we can work to successfully refinance portfolios via our RADAR network of specialist funders and brokers. This network includes active buyers and sellers of commercial real estate, to give more options when selling or acquiring stock.

Here are just a few of the ways LCPS can work with you to assist:

  • Refinance and re-gearing
  • Source buyers and sellers
  • Management of cost cutting within the business/portfolio
  • Personal and corporate insolvency advice – creditor management and debt prioritising where there are personal guarantees and shortfall risks
  • Cash management and forecasting
  • Access to specialist tax and legal advice
  • Via our partners:
    • Letting and sales advice
    • Tax solutions
    • Management of repairs/renewals, capex and health & safety works

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