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In 2019, Lifecycle extended its offerings into Offshore services with the opening of our Channel Islands office in Guernsey, led by Matthew Wright.

Matt and his team have extensive experience working across the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda and the Channel Islands.

Our Guernsey team can support you and your clients that have Offshore holdings when they are concerned about the value and performance of their investment; you want to ensure that your clients are proactive in protecting these investments. We are on hand to offer advice and discuss the appropriate options available to you and the processes you will need to undertake. We will tailor our services to you.

For personal investors who are worried about the receipt of suspension notices of redemptions, and/or valuation issues due to an investment in distress – our Guernsey team can provide assistance with improving your clients’ position, any losses are minimised, and that your clients’ remain appropriately informed. From previous experience, investors who weren’t adequately proactive faired far worse than people who took advice early and preserved their position.


In addition to the above situations you may require our assistance with, you may be faced with the fact that your clients may be considering moving some or all of their assets to an Offshore jurisdiction, or, conversely, moving their assets back to the UK from an Offshore jurisdiction, In the former situation, we’re happy to introduce you to our network of corporate service providers to assist in setting this up. In the latter situation, a voluntary liquidation may be the most tax-efficient process to bring the assets back to the UK.


If your clients have Offshore entities or assets, our experienced Offshore team and extensive professional network are on hand to support you every step of the way, whatever and wherever your requirements may be.

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