How Lifecycle Works with the Nation’s Accountants

7th November 2018

It’s been just over two years since Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group launched its Lifecycle accountancy network. Testament to the strength of its service offering, it now has almost 2,000 members and is supporting over 1,200 practices across the UK to grow.

For those accountants who aren’t yet familiar with Lifecycle and have yet to sign up, we’ve caught up with one of its Directors, Daniel Booth, to find out more about it and the benefits membership can bring.

  1. What is Lifecycle?

Lifecycle is a collective of specialist, non-core professional services that we provide to SME accountants through Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group companies.

We’ve harnessed all the service lines that the group offers into one easily accessible hub. We’re a one-stop-shop, if you like, of specialists who solve SME problems by supporting those accountants who are advising them. This includes providing free specialist advice on everything from company formation to cessation and all business stages in between – whether that’s raising additional funding, dealing with creditor pressure or providing legal advice. We’ve got it all covered within the Lifecycle network.

We’re not looking to take over client relationships – this is not what we’re about. Accountants themselves could do the majority of what we do if they had the time. We simply play a supporting role to them – the A-list actor or actress.

This means that our members can pick and mix our services and their clients can pay as they play. They take what they need from us and leave what they don’t. It’s a simple concept, really, and response to it has been really encouraging.

  1. How does Lifecycle work?

Lifecycle is a trusted go-to partner for our SME accountant members. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that we are an extension to their in-house teams.

With 16 LCBSG offices across the UK – each with its own local Lifecycle manager – we really get to know our members and they get to know us too. It’s a two-way thing.

They come to us with their problems and questions and between us we come up with the best possible answers. They tend to be non-core, specialist and, more often than not, last minute and demanding to fulfil.

We work proactively with members to identify practice growth opportunities that can be achieved by us adding value, plugging any skills and service gaps they may not have even realised they have. This also helps to set them apart from local competition by being able to offer bespoke consultancy and expertise usually only associated with much bigger players.

Above all, we would like to think we take away the stress, headaches and heat out of situations, given our teams have the specialist knowledge, experience and contacts to deliver the best possible outcomes as quickly as possible. It’s what we do every day and we all know what practice makes.

  1. What other benefits do accountants enjoy by becoming a Lifecycle member?

As well as having us at hand as their trusted go-to problem solver, there are lots of other benefits that our members enjoy.

This includes our commitment to member training. In response to our members’ requirements and feedback, we’ve developed an ongoing programme of CPD to ensure that they’re up to date with the hottest topics. Again, this means that they’re well placed to operate effectively and profitably. Always free to attend, they’re usually undertaken as breakfast and afternoon sessions all across the UK.

Members can also access My MVL – Lifecycle’s fixed-fee online platform that simplifies solvent winding up and gives control back to accountants. Then there’s big discounts on company formation and compliance services and access to an exclusive professional indemnity insurance scheme that provides bespoke cover at really competitive premiums.

  1. How much does it cost and how do you join Lifecyle?

It’s free to join Lifecycle and you can do it online here or by calling the membership team on 03300 242 333. Just give us the obvious details and your local Lifecycle manager will be in touch. It’s all very easy and relaxed. No hard sell and no pressure.

Once you’re on board, we go out to meet new members who would like a visit but, most importantly, we take the time at the very start to get to know what each member and their practice does as a business and determine how we can support them.

Services offered by Lifecycle include: Company secretarial and formation; equity finance for SMEs; debt advisory for SMEs; personal debt advice; corporate restructuring, insolvency and cessation; debt finance for SMEs; cashflow maximisation; property solutions and legal services.

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