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15th August 2016

2015 welcomed a record number of new limited companies. 598,633 were registered – powering the UK company formation sector and providing many opportunities for the SME accountants to whom these fledging firms turn for necessary financial support.

This staggering statistic was an increase further built on the buoyancy of the previous year when – with 581,000 new companies registered – more than one was formed for each minute that passed.

For those accountants who specialise in supporting SME and start-up businesses, Lifecycle’s Company Secretarial and Formation service can expand their core offering – working in partnership to provide such expert advice cost-effectively and efficiently. What’s more, Lifecycle members benefit from discounted rates.

Company Secretarial Services

Lifecycle supports accountants across the UK to help them deliver the extensive range of services their clients require.  As well as allowing accountants to quickly and cost-effectively set up new companies online for their clients, Lifecycle’s company secretarial offering also enables advisers to provide any ongoing assistance that may be required whilst helping to ensure clients comply with the filing regulations of the Companies Act.

Key areas of expertise provided by Lifecycle include: Company incorporation; multiple share class and structures; amendments to Articles of Association; capital reduction schemes; company restorations; deed of gift of shares and shareholder agreements.

Helping you to keep on top of  money-laundering reforms

Earlier this year, the Government set out the biggest reforms to the money laundering regime in over a decade. At theAnti-Corruption Summit: London 2016 the then Home Secretary Theresa May set out the most significant changes to the UK’s anti-money laundering and terrorist finance regime of recent times.

Already an often burdensome task for accountants – and sometimes problematic – verifying a new client’s identity in order to adhere to the Money Laundering Regulations is set to get even harder, and even more time consuming and these planned reforms are sure to exacerbate inconsistencies and create even more confusion for professional advisers.

With different providers offering varying levels of support – in terms of quality, flexibility and price – Lifecycle delivers a quick and reliable service, using market-leading verification systems at rates which are discounted for members.

As the regulations can be complex, members also benefit from a helpline – providing expert advice on those frequent verification issues or grey areas – something that many other providers do not offer.

Lifecycle’s comprehensive range of money laundering compliance services include: Electronic verification of UK individuals; document verification of non-UK residents; UK company verification reports; international company verification reports; in-house training and consultancy.

About the Lifecycle network

Lifecycle is a unique network for accountants – provided by the Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group.

It provides member accountants with a comprehensive range of specialist services – and the expert support required – to improve their client offering at every stage of a business’ lifecycle. From company formation to cessation and all stages in between.

Lifecycle is free to join and also offers members many additional benefits. These include eligibility for a highly competitive Professional Indemnity insurance scheme, a regular programme of free training and education and discounts on products and services relevant to their business and clients’ needs.

Services offered by Lifecycle include: Company secretarial and formationequity finance for SMEsdebt advisory for SMEspersonal debt advicecorporate restructuring, insolvency and cessationdebt finance for SMEscashflow maximisationproperty solutions and legal services.

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